The shape within the form was the idea that accompanied from the very beginning the project by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi.
A project born by observing the first rough draft by machine of marble sculptures, in which the three-dimensional shape is outlined by a regular series of cuts managed by a numerical controlled machine. Thin strips of marble are formed, whose outer edges once broken, reveal the raw sculpture concealed inside.

The same concept and process are used in the realization of the Introverso sink: a white Carrara marble block, machined and lightened by a series of cuts that reveal its internal core, the shape inside the shape.
The marble block loses its monolithic appearance and is transformed into something ethereal, transparent, enclosing a core secret. A soul that can remain hidden, leaving a glimpse of the subtle play of light, or it may be slowly unveiled by breaking the edges of the blades.

From the oldest material to the illusion of shaping the immaterial, from the sculptural tradition of the "well-rounded" shapes to the division in small parts of the surface to create a volume that is an expression of the "subtraction" of many small pieces.
The name says it all: a pixel is a point-like element that makes up a digital image, in fact, it is the smallest element that constitutes it. The breakdown in individual pixels of the surface, a kind of three-dimensional mosaic, gives an unprecedented look at the marble sink Pixel. Shape is created by subtraction, man's idea that comes to life through the use of the machine that is then defined in the end again through man's choices.

Tradition meets technology in a decomposed standardized form, sectioned, intersected by an orthogonal lattice, a cylindrical volume on which the machine has mapped out a clear and definite sign according to a project that leaves open endless possibilities of composition. A freestanding ever-changing sink due to the elimination of pieces imagination can take shape, the image is revealed, the essence comes to light.
Lights and shadows, depth and reliefs, combinations and distances, connections and insulation. The pixel game that forms the basin is completely oriented on consequentiality, on proximity, on decorum that comes from the material itself. A gesture, that of subtraction, revealing the shape, which allows you to customize the volume, and which amplifies the three-dimensional design of the project.
Pixel is subtraction to compose.

The oldest of matter meets modern technology to perpetrate bathing. The drop that draws on the surface; concentric shapes "digging" the matter irregularly but perfect at the same time.
The perfect cut, the mechanical milling, the ability to extract from matter its essence through the comparison of perfect surfaces and organic shapes: Level is a sink that enhances white Carrara marble and its extraordinary expressive power. Sinuous shapes that generate a depression when carving the depth of the basin.

In section expressing a formal charge generated by the superimposition of perfect and precise layers, that grow upward. A sequence of levels of the same thickness, a sort of inverted tower in which the base is the edge of the sink and the top, the support base on the floor.
Level is an absolute blend between artifice and nature, between mechanical and creativity, between rigor and expressiveness. It is the uniqueness of the marble that meets perfection of the most advanced processes, a landscape that becomes the subject, a perfect balance between classic references and randomness of matter.

Readymade, or rather a  radical change of the normal function to which we associate an image. A strong and recognizable sign, a beautiful form absolutely beyond subjective interpretations.
Between architecture and design, between classicism of ancient Greece and contemporary creativity, between myth and ritual. Atlante, which takes its name from the Greek god who was holding on his shoulders the vaults of heaven, is a complex project that investigates the meaning of things which explores the representation of the function, which overturns a commonplace to think, or rather to see. A marble column that becomes a sink, an element that should support and instead contains, a hierarchical architectural pillar becomes the star of the bathroom, a full volume that becomes empty, only to be filled.

Made entirely of white Carrara marble, Atlante is the collection of freestanding or top mounted sinks that plays with the image of the column and in particular the stem that loses or better shelve its structural function to enter in the home. The circular geometry of the border, the modular scanning of the volume determined by typical grooves of a classical column, perfect and proportional harmony; a leap for a project with a strong architectural imprint.

Thin as a sheet of paper, essential as a two-dimensional geometric shape, light but solid, seemingly suspended in the air but really well anchored to the wall. Minimal yet expressive.
The name is deliberately simple, almost naive, easily associated to its function, essential lines, the unusual material. The simplicity of a folded sheet and the purity of stainless steel are the inspiration for Lavandino, the sink with a sharp shape, absolute geometry, rigor that transforms into expressiveness. absolute geometry even for the rectangular tap and the cylindrical knobs, placed in an asymmetrical position to enhance the sense of the dynamics transmitted from the overall image of the sink.

It seems suspended but hides an advanced technology that allows the sink to integrate to the wall thanks to a frame, which serves as a template for the finishing, and that allows the accommodation of the faucet cartridge. Lightness is immediate, the perfect continuity of the material is guaranteed by welding performed in a workmanlike manner, the water is allowed to flow from a cut on the surface that emphasizes the essential language of the project.

A micro-architecture in the bathroom, an icon of absolute minimalism that becomes a design tool for customizing the sink area and with it everything in the bathroom. Geometry, surface, volume and if requested color.  W_Slot, is made entirely of Corian, a sink based on the evolution of the Slot sinks, the project which in 2002 revolutionized the archetype washbasin. Today the plasticity of full and empty spaces, and the contrast between the horizontal plane and paneling marry rationality and essentialness of the design perfectly recognizable and characterized by Slot. The result is a small piece of architecture, an abstract painting that comes from the partition, and by the combination of geometries where  composition and proportion rules.

A thick surface, a wide support surface, a wall panel of the same material that houses the taps, as well as a niche, to express the integration of a small architecture in space. Net shapes, square lines, sharp edges and wide borders moreover total absence of a drain and overflow, everything that somehow can cloud the perfect aesthetics of the object. It remains a slit, a cut in the rear part of the basin, a thin opening that runs along the whole side of the basin and accommodates water through the imperceptible inclination of the bottom, hiding the integrated siphon. Slot becomes W_Slot to underline the increasing attention of antoniolupi towards an architectural project maintaining that rigorous image which is still very real.

A new version that expresses the potential of the gesture which enhances the best elegant and harmonious design of the collection. A strong yet natural identity that when using the new material is a valuable ally for the overall interpretation of the project. Agoterra, made from Flumood, is the harmonious synthesis of essential volumes, is the virtuous encounter between the perfect geometry of the circular basin with thin edges and the cylindrical base that narrows upwards. Just the delicacy with which it solves the connection between the base and the basin is the essential feature of the collection, and in particular of this freestanding washbasin that becomes the focus of a contemporary and transversal bathroom.

The sensuality of form, the softness of the enveloping lines, the continuity of the surfaces, the charm that becomes mystery, what is known hides the unknown. It could only be called Venus and postpones explicitly to the concept of beauty, grace and feminine sensuality.  The front image of the suspended washbasin leads immediately to that of a mouth, the smooth surface of the Flumood amplifies the senses involving tact over sight. Venus is magically anchored to the wall, it is perfectly integrated with it through the back that comes up to cover the support components.

A satellite into orbit, a celestial body surrounded by a swarm of small stars, an artificial disc that hides a shower of water and light. The latest evolution of Meteo shower heads explores the theme of mystery, the surprise of technological skills to disappear and leave space to emotion. 

A circular disc, perfectly integrated in the ceiling and wrapped by a ring of light. The image of the showerhead, is the integration of the source in space. The water falls directly from the ceiling, colored light delimits the projection generating a beam of infinite vibrations and chromatic reflections. The feeling of wellness is complete, and involves all the senses.

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