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NEXT EVENT   22 / 26 September 2014 - Cersaie, Bologna - Pad 21 Stand A13 B8
25/07/2014  Event
16/05/2014  News
A short step away from ILBAGNO to LACUCINA. At the Salone del Bagno 2014 antonio [+]
30/04/2014  News
Colourful Bit. The first designer radiator by antoniolupi, completely made of 10 [+]
17/04/2014 News
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10/04/2014 News
A single sign availbale in many colours, innovative proposal for the wash basins Soffio designed by Domenico de Palo. The success of the basin in Corian was immediate already in its first version, now with the possibility of painting the outside in any colour, this project becomes unique and every proposal is an absolute masterpiece according to the request of the end consumer. After placing it in the wall, Soffio is stuccoed, plastered and then finished with paint colour of your choice: simply select your shade. Once painted only a slit is visible from where the light shines through. Soffio is a “naked” basin that can be dressed in an outfit that can be changed and updated. The design of the basin and the light are striking. The led lighting is integrated in the structure (with white and blue light).
10/03/2014 News
If you feel like a little colour, if you want to free yourself from the bondage the colour white bares, if colour is an important part of your life, a way of communicating feelings and emotions, antoniolupi offers STRAPPO-COLORE, the sink integrated into the wall designed by Domenico De Palo. STRAPPO, the most minimalist sink you could ever want, a cut, a "tear" in the wall, it becomes one colour, any colour you like, the one you want to have around you at different times of the day. Made of Corian, the sink is recessed, brushed and filled with plaster to be finished using the same texture and paint as the wall ... and if you change your mind, if another colour appeals to you, if White returns to be for you a colour instead of not, no problem, a little paint and the bathroom with STRAPPO _COLORE are transformed and renewed. “Specially the colour, perhaps even more than the design, is a liberation.” Henri-Emile Matisse
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