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Clear, acid, mirrored, ribbed and lacquered: there are infinite variations of glass, there are many new finishes that confirm the tailoring vocation of antoniolupi and the ability to interpret matter innovatively.

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transparent fumé glass - bespoke

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Transparent bronze glass - bespoke

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ribbed glass - bespoke

Surfaces capable of transforming the image of volumes, dialogue differently with light, expressing personality, character, and style, some exalt the contents of the volumes, others partially conceal it and others hide it.

The colors offered are numerous and the solutions are multiplied by the combination of shades and special effects.

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fumé acid glass

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fumé reflective glass


A design made of unique details and a perfect balance generated by perfect proportions, sleek surfaces and innovative finishes. The collection is made of important technological and formal details. The project examines several themes investigating through functional and aesthetic elements to create a unique style.

Design Carlo Colombo

From doors to tops, from handles to hinges, every component of the project is conceived and designed to create a systematic and coordinated image. BESPOKE brings with itself the elegant creativity of Carlo Colombo and the ability of antoniolupi to turn the project into a furnishing system. Bespoke brings in the bathroom area a message of elegance and style, a taste of beauty.

Every material is expressed through its own essence, every texture brings an added value to the overall configuration showing the complexity of the project. The many different materials employed create a virtuous dialogue among all surfaces. The elements of the collection are available suspended or freestanding, with or without sinks. They can be installed vertically or horizontally as high cabinets.

Every configuration conveys the ability of Bespoke of becoming a system and it states the care of antoniolupi in translating an idea into an exclusive and coordinated collection. BESPOKE highlights the quality of production and the philosophy of the company always dedicated to define a tailor-made and customized space.

Profiles are made of satin aluminum with burnished or titanium finishes. The units are available in precious essences, lacquered doors in acid glass , transparent or mirrored.

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