A collection for a middle-class bathroom, romantic, as Andrea likes to define it. A proposal less rigorous and minimal which allows you to recover the memory of familiar images, the style of a noble past, the suggestions that come from different styles. 

Not nostalgic but rather current, a reworking of content obtained through the antoniolupi style almost maniacal attention to detail, the excellence of the workmanship and materials used.

Al armonia 023

New horizons


Al armonia 024

Intimate atmospheres


Al armonia 025



A highly emotional collection characterized by the material nature of the woods, by the skillful lacquering , retro style of the mirrors and the metal reflections: ILBagno describes an intimate and refined atmosphere with a return to origins, a project that looks to the past to explore the future. 


It was a long time since I wanted to re-edit my father’s mirrors, I said to Lazeroni we had to start from there, they had to be the starting point of the collection around which to build a different proposal.

Andrea Lupi

Roberto Lazzeroni

Al armonia 006

Soft lines


Al armonia 002

Classic Style


Al armonia 007

Nature of wood



I needed a project that could embrace a taste a bit 'far from ours and an overly basic, clean style. In 90% of the world bathrooms are decorated with classic style elements, we had an answer to them

Andrea Lupi

Furniture, consoles, wall lamps, mirrors, accessories, tubs, a real design project, a highly emotional collection with the material nature of wood and the wise use of lacquered color, create an intimate and refined atmosphere.





I thought it would be right to find a link between what we were doing and the past of the company. The mirrors seemed to me the most appropriate element, we decided to redesign and adapt them to current tastes. We designed a family of very large objects, console and American walnut furniture, of various sizes, faucets, toilet and bidet, bath and shower with legs decorated glass, one full bathroom scene

Roberto Lazzeroni

A sophisticated reinterpretation of classic forms and design with elegant and soft lines, a collection that will inevitably be confronted with new horizons or markets that are in search of excellence.