The style and elegance of antoniolupi concentrated in a compact, monolithic, functional volume. From these premises the Monoblock proposals are born, solutions that combine care of aesthetic detail that is in the company's DNA, the formal simplicity and the possibility of being inserted in a non-invasive way in any context.

Cleanliness and rigor are the stylistic traits that unite all the declinations of the collection both the sinks and the furniture that accompany them in the composition. So they form clear and sincere volumes, architecture without frills, proposals that find their added value reduced to the essence. Contemporary compositions, simple yet not of lesser value, solutions designed even for small or service bathrooms to which you want to give elegance and style with a lower cost yet preserving the quality of antoniolupi.

The technical characteristics are the same as ever: use of high quality materials for both furniture, attention to aesthetic-functional detail as a fundamental part of the whole, ample opportunity for customization that translates into infinite possible compositions.

Starting from the Gesto, Graffio and Simplo sinks that are part of the collection and are coupled to a series of furniture with identical dimensions and bearing the same name. Sinks with elementary geometries and thin edges, which, despite their small dimensions, ensure excellent capacity. The same sinks can also be combined with the Bespoke and Atelier collections, in which special dimensions have been provided to best accommodate these sinks and to form a harmonious and functional whole with them.

 Precisely the cabinet units amplify the possibilities of customization regarding the structure and the fronts, both for the choice of materials as for the choice in colors and finishes. The Monoblocks have in their DNA the essence of antoniolupi, which often translates into iconic objects with a strong personality but which is even more exalted by the most transversal proposals and sophisticated refinement.

Elegant in their perfectly balanced proportions, minimal in their overall definition of form but at the same time organic: the Simplo basins are perfect in interpreting thin edges and curved corners, the latest trends in interior design and elements of design that make up the bathroom environment.

The subtle edges allow you to take advantage of the full capacity of the basins, while the comfortable surface amplifies their functionality. Simplo are made entirely in Flumood. These washbasins can be hung on the wall or top mounted on a small cabinet and can find a place in niches or guest bathrooms.

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SIMPLO108 + SMPI1108