The preciousness of the woods, warmth from the most sought after materials, the perfect uniformity of the matte lacquers and the reflections of the glossy colours: matter becomes design with Panta Rei®, The quality of each element is put in the service of the overall image, dialogue with the shapes of the washbasins, the ability to interpret the space, the desire to define a bath environment without borders.

The unique quality of workmanship coupled with the ability to choose sizes, colors and finishes make Panta Rei® a tailored collection characterized by excellence. The furniture, available in a lacquered or wood finish communicate with the washbasins of the collection.

A strong identity, in which the thicknesses of the cabinets, aesthetically important, are lightened and raised from the ground by the beveled socket and details cut at 45 °. The lacquering and veneering achieved with the Panta Rei collection clearly marked a turning point for the company setting a standard of excellence transmitted to the rest of the production.


It was the beginning of all innovations we’ve made in the furniture sector. The quality level achieved with Panta Rei has become a standard for all of our collections 

Andrea Lupi

Design Carlo Colombo