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A collection that found its place in the market, underlining that behind a collection of design there is constructive wisdom that is often forgotten. A construction technique that allows for numerous combinations of both finishes, for further development in a way that identifies Piana as spokesman for the tailor made in the DNA of the company.

The cabinet is made starting from a laminated "core", and can be covered in wood or lacquered with different possible coatings.

Rational could synthesize Piana. The collection designed by Nevio Tellatin responded to a request for "normality" by the company. An increasingly valuable simplicity with a known image. A determined space for the opening of the doors and drawers.


Consistency, practicality, usability and versatility. This is what I had asked Nevio. We needed a simple collection, clear from the beginning with no frills. We increasingly need to surround ourselves with simple objects that hide a settled technological complexity

Andrea Lupi

Design Nevio Tellatin