The exhibition space, La Pietra e Fuoco, presents for the first time the antoniolupi collection: drawings by architects of different generations enriched by sketches of work by designers who have collaborated with antoniolupi over the years. A collection made up of fragments that create heterogeneous ideas and reflections started in 2016 and which aims to create an archive of thoughts over time. From the collages of Superstudio to the drawings by Lars Lerup, Alexander Brodsky and Beniamino Servino. Drawings and spaces that must be looked at from a different perspective are the beginning of cultural research that feeds the experimentation on standard product. Art, Architecture and Design blend together and become a laboratory of ideas. In other words, when we interpret an image we are not necessarily looking at it, we are only looking at what that image was meant to show. 

As soon as the utility runs out, however, we can see more. This other view is at the base of antoniolupi's work. The image is transformed into something new, when this operation works it manages to create an estrangement towards what is familiar, it is both a transformation and an invention. Building an image means actually building a project and it is no coincidence that in this exhibition the drawings are transformed, thanks to the constant dialogue between the designers and Andrea Lupi and through this same dialogue the products are transformed into artistic installations. The Lupi Collection is the beginning of a path of research, which through the exhibitions will transform the exhibition spaces and products of antoniolupi.

On Show

Calvi Brambilla_ Schizzi di studio Show room Antonio Lupi, 2018
2a+p_Selezione di 16 disegni della serie 36 Drawings 2018 edition of 4
De Vylder Vinck Taillieu_PADDENBROEK, Collage, 2015
Lars Lerup_New Zer(o)rleans (Sketch 1) 1985 Gouache and pen on paper
Office kgdvs _ Dar, Bahrain, 2012 edition of 8
Office kgdvs _City de refuge, ceuta, 2007, edition of 8
Balkrishna Doshi_Encounters Serigraph on paper edition 125
Balkrishna Doshi_Encounters Serigraph on paper edition 125
Paola Pastorini_ Bozzetti Antonio lupi
Luca Galofaro_ Bozzetti Antonio lupi Serie collage 2017
Domenico DePalo_
Gramme_ Collage Abidjan, La Chaleur, L’Ombre et le Calme
Lèonard Kadid_ Piraeus Chair
Lèonard Kadid_ Alpine Chair
Paolo Ulian_

Ettore Sottsass JR_ L’altare rotoflessografia, edition 500, 1974
Superstudio_ Supersuperficie, rotoflessografia, edition 250, 1971
Muoto_Teatro dell’utopia, Serigrafia
Bruna Canepa_ collage digitale, Casa Plano I
Bruna Canepa_ collage digitale, Casa Plano II
Motoproprio_ collage digitale, LUCCA
Point supreme_ Athens as an Island, collage digitale
Berger&Berger_ Collection lambert
André Brodsky _ Untitled 2016 Giclée ink and overlay on Fabriano paper Edition of 50
Beniamino Servino_ schizzi 2015
Federico Sandri- Daniel DeBiasi_
Massimo Broglio_
Carlo Colombo_