antoniolupi presented the OSSIMORO project designed by architects Calvi Brambilla and carried out by the company Lavagnoli Marmi. Set up inside The Italian Stone Theater, "Brand & Stone 2.0" curated by Danilo Di Michele and Giorgio Canale is an event with the aim of bringing the most designers and big brands closer to stone materials, helping them overcome commercial or technical difficulties. The exhibition has, in fact, the aim of actively involving designer companies and renowned designers that are distinguished internationally to a meeting that starts from a study of the matter and creates new opportunities for collaboration and possible business developments. With the support of the best Italian stone companies that are exhibiting at Marmomac, each brand has created new projects or reinterpreted in stone, iconic pieces of its collection, testifying that marble and granite are indispensable and irreplaceable materials in the world of design and architecture yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“Ossimoro” was inspired by a 2016 exhibition of the work of London-based Spanish artist Angela de la Cruz dedicated to movement. The effect of compression sought by Calvi Brambilla is the result of a clash between two parallelepipeds. The design speaks of a desire to express the potential of matter in a fluid state that immediately captivated antoniolupi. This washbasin is made of Oriental White marble appears to be the result of a crushing impact between two blocks of stone. The result is a graceful monolith, a freestanding totem that can be combined with a wall or floor mounted mixer.

Measures: B. 450 × D. 450 × H. 900 mm. Basin depth 130 mm. Can the heaviness of the marble evoke lightness? The answer is in the past and recent references: from the drapery and the meticulous embroidery of the Veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sammartino, to the nine sculptures by Maurizio Cattelan in All.

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