Installation “Dialogue between solid and material” edited by Antonio Lupi

The meeting between the “mathematical friar” Luca Pacioli and the “genius” Leonardo da Vinci proves how the application of solid geometrical studies and of golden ratio can create a work of art. Luca Pacioli wrote the book on mathematics “De Divina Proportione” and asked Leonardo to draw the illustrations. The result is a fascinating collection of geometrical solids, which embodies the idea of perfection as well as the physics rules of barycenter thanks to perspective and colours.

Drawing for Leonardo is an instrument for research and reflection, but also the realization of the intellect, becoming the direct and spontaneous expression of his way of thinking: drawing is the meeting place of art and science and helps to understand the world. Leonardo used a geometrical approach to reproduce the shapes of Nature, to describe its movements trying to represent the material “soul”.

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