The investment involved the expansion of the commercial presence in China and the United Arab Emirates through partecipation in the DESIGN SHANGHAI 2017 fair and paper-based promotional actions (publication in magazines) and the web-based advertising campaigns (banner ads, online pubblications, etc.).

The investment concerned three different works on the production building aimed at energy saving: 1) Thermal insulation of a part of the dispersing external envelope by constructing a double-wall on the external side of the existing wall. The double-wall has been built with 10 cm thick graphite-enhanced EPS insulation boards, which have been installed on a steel sheet supporting load-beating frame with an air gap of ca. 20 cm.

 2) Replacement of the existing heating system with a new generation system. 3) Replacement of the existing industrial doors with new sliding doors made with panels insulated with polyurethane foam, equipped with appropriate emergency exit and thermal glass window, granting a U-value of thermal transmittance of 1,80 W/mqK.