The name refers explicitly to geometry and the infinite reflections of precious stones, the unique magic of nature invades the bathroom in a continuous cross-reference between material, surfaces and refined chromatism. Opale is a collection of washbasins through which antoniolupi continues its research, started with Albume collection, on the potential of colored Cristalmood and its ability to dialogue with natural materials that have always been in the company's DNA. The chromatic aspect of the collection is interpreted through the 10 colors in which Cristalmood is proposed and the combination of the translucent shades with the uniqueness of the unrepeatable signs and veins of Bianco Carrara Marble or Nero Marquina. When it is totally made of Cristalmood, the pedestal sink fully expresses the multi-faceted image of a gemstone in its infinite chromatic variations. On the other hand, the different solutions that involve the combination of volumes made of different materials, generate entirely new sensations and very special unprecedented experiences.

The translucent basin seems to be supported with security and solidity when coupled with the marble pedestal, while, the suspended sensation generated by an opaque volume supported by a translucent pedestal amplifies the magic of the collection. All the versions proposed are characterized by a timeless image, by a perfect geometric and proportional balance which refers to the classic beauty of the architectural elements and that over the centuries have handed down the archetypal shapes of architecture. The washbasin is available in the new decagonal shape or in the more traditional round shape, in the top mount version, and it is always perfectly matching with other products by antoniolupi. The same is also available as a freestanding pedestal washbasin that can be either cylindrical or prismatic.

No longer two distinct and superposed parts, like Opale collection, but a single Cristalmood block that seamlessly expresses all the elegance of the material and the classic geometry of the sink shapes. Vitreo is available in 10 colors and it is able to fit different refined styles contexts. It is also providing a sense of brightness to the space thanks to the infinite reflections generated by the dialogue with the architectural elements, surfaces and furnishings that compose it.

A decagonal shape, a characteristic image that does not take out the leading role of water, rather it enhances it because the sight of the primordial element that is collected in the large basin changes the perception of the sink as a whole. Vitreo is a rediscovered gem that embellishes the center of the room. It is the element that attracts the eye and expresses the contemporary approach to the project by antoniolupi.

“Mastello” in Italian is an old wooden tub used in the past for bathing. The name of the new product immediately recalls the ritual of bathing in an era in which running water was truly a luxury. An object that became a "place " because the Mastello (tub), placed in the middle of the room, became the centre of the scene around which to play, tell stories, and share emotions. antoniolupi and Mario Ferrarini reinterpret its meaning with a new elegant bathtub called Mastello. The new bathtub in Flumood, is made of fluid lines, soft shapes and candid surfaces that develop without interruptions.

A bathtub with pure shapes, natural and welcoming, that revisits the essence of traditional old Mastello tub. The internal step facilitates the sitting position as well as the external wooden step allows everyone to easily access the bathtub. Mastello is an ergonomic bathtub yet at the same time functional, thanks to the comfortable integrated seat and the edge that rises gently towards one of the ends and acts as a headrest. It is a capacious bathtub, with its 135 cm. it can in fact be installed also in smaller bathrooms, but it can comfortably accommodate people over 195 cm. tall. A micro oasis of relaxation for everyone, a well-being guaranteed for body and mind, a refreshing memory made of simple gestures that gave value to true things.

The authenticy of wood to deepen the dialogue between natural and artificial materials, the unique veins of the essences called to confront the transparency and color of Cristalmood, opaque and bright reflections to enhance the pure geometries that make up an elegant and contemporary image. The Albume sinks are enriched with new compositions that play on the combination of deeply different materials. The proportional balance between the parts and the perfect sense of measure defined by the overlapping base and basin are further enhanced by the combination of bright colors and warm tones.

Today the Albume pedestal, as well as in the resin or marble version, is in fact also available in Thermo or Natural Oak or Canaletto Walnut finishes that embellish the final image of the element and thanks to which it is possible to rethink the aesthetic coordination with furniture in the bathroom. The protagonist of the sink, available in two different forms, remains Cristalmood, proposed by antoniolupi in ten trendy colors that combine well with the selected essences and give personality and style to the sink. From the most evident chromatic contrasts, to the most homogeneous combinations, from the proposals that capture center stage to the most transversal solutions able to fit in the best of contemporary environments of any type.

L’estetica di un gesto semplice come la rotazione, l’equilibrio compositivo di forme semplici, la complementarietà e la dipendenza di due elementi che vivono solo quando sono insieme. Gravità è l’appendiabiti da parete in legno rovere naturale o rovere moro che nasce dall’accostamento di due figure geometriche, un cilindro e un parallelepipedo o in alternativa due cilindri, apparentemente statici ma in realtà capaci di prendere vita. È infatti la rotazione su sè stesso di uno dei due elementi che di fatto permette di esprimere la funzione dell’insieme. Proprio la rotazione della parte mobile nella direzione di quella fissa consente infatti di bloccare asciugamani e salviette in una presa sicura e ma non opprimente.

La rotazione in senso contrario ovviamente permette di lasciar andare il tessuto. Una funzionalità che si somma a quella comunque garantita dalla parte fissa del sistema che di per sé costituisce già un appendiabiti. Una soluzione flessibile, capace di andare oltre i confini dello spazio bagno per colonizzare la cucina ma anche altri ambienti della casa, grazie alle finiture che si integrano con i materiali dell’arredo e a un’immagine non invadente che si arricchisce quando accoglie un indumento o un tessuto con decori, colori e grafiche diverse.

Technology meets nature, evolution keeps memory alive, the project allows you to tell a story. The form is generated by subtraction as in a sculpture, ancient and contemporary at the same time. Controverso springs from a thought, from action and transforms the product into an experience. A marble block is crossed by the milling machine and then interpreted by man to create different shapes. 

A proposal that comes from respect for nature shared by Paolo Ulian and antoniolupi, a path with marble in different collections that fit into a path traced by masters that have always interpreted this noble material.

The common thread between art and design is now a distinctive sign of antoniolupi’s work. More than fusion, we would refer to two different experiences mixed together to achieve a common goal: an univocal experience of beauty that becomes part of our daily life. Luca Galofaro, Architect and Teacher, has focused his attention on relationships between representation, urban architecture and image. 

An area of antoniolupi showroom La Pietra e il Fuoco in Stabbia is currently hosting an Exhibition/Architecture Drawing Collection curated by Galofaro himself: an important step forward in the company’s growth strategy.

Excellence in the subject, advanced processing technologies, creativity and references to the world of fashion: these are the themes investigated by Gessati project, the collection of top mount sinks that reproduce the motif of parallel lines that identify some items of clothing.

A collection that comes from the creativity and thinking of man and is achieved through the precision of the machine, a soft and sinuous volume with enveloping lines obtained by combining 1 or 2 cm of Carrara marble sheets glued together by means of a colored resin.

The poetics of connecting, the aesthetics of the joint, a concept based on the integration of material excellence. Three-dimensional elements that draw two-dimensional geometric shapes, supports and structures that become decorative thanks to the projection on the plane. TAVOLINI is a collection of low tables perfect for furnishing a contemporary living room where attention to detail becomes a distinctive feature of the interior design.

Soft shapes and rounded edges are the stylistic hallmark of the collection and are expressed both in the top, available in different types of marble, as well as in the oak legs. The light tones and the uniqueness of the marble and wood grains contribute to enhancing the color combinations making each model unique. The tables are available in various sizes.

Asa, Nisi and Masa. Three names that immediately refer to the history of cinema in our country, a sort of nursery rhyme recalled by Fellini in the masterpiece, 8 ½, and repeated in the film by the children who transform it into an almost magical ritual. The three proposals of the collection are inspired by the carefree nature of those moments, to the memory of known objects, protagonists of a domestic life regulated by rhythms very distant from current ones and organized around essential forms, friendly images with which to build the sense of belonging, like "feeling at home".

Cristalmood and it’s ten trendy colors of the antoniolupi range that embellish the material, are the absolute protagonists of the collection of vases designed by Calvi Brambilla. Three different forms, three interpretations of the theme united by linguistic coherence, sophisticated and never ostentatious elegance, a balance between geometries, thicknesses and shapes that give life to a harmonious and "natural" whole.