The colour above all, perhaps, even more than design, is a liberation.

Henri-Emile Matisse

Even the FLUMOOOD sinks become involved in the long and amazing journey about customization of colour on “solid surface”, undertaken by antoniolupi more than 10 years ago.

Every kind of colour has the extraordinary ability of cause a lots of different emotions in all of us; it's a subjective, personal experience, a sensorial journey that cleanse the soul. Nothing makes us feel more free and at ease somewhere than personalize that place with our style, based on our sensations, feelings, memories and needs. In this sense antoniolupi foresees market trends and demands introducing the FLUMOOD top mount sinks Ago, Catino, Urna and Verso in all 31 colours of antoniolupi's palette. A cutting edge course made possible thanks to this unique and versatile material, result of antoniolupi's continuous technological and material research: ecological, compact, non porous and non-toxic, with an easy to clean and restore surface, in case of scratches or signs caused by everyday use.

Already perfect to be used in the bathroom, with its attractive appearance, resistant to everyday use and pleasant to feel, the FLUMOOD improve itself and turns into colours upon clients indications and needs. All the coloured sinks are painted in the paint shop, one by one, to be coordinated with your furniture and the whole bathroom area or to be an element of contrast and break with the surrounding space. The COLOURED FLUMOOD WASHBASINS by antoniolupi shape themselves based on clients demands, to reach a complete personalization, satisfy inclinations and desires and make the bathroom experience unique and absolutely customized. The washbasin can have the same colour or be in totally contrast with the underlying furniture, a full compositional freedom at the complete disposal of both the architect and clients.