The collection of twenty-one COLLAGE mirrors successfully launched last year at the Salone del Mobile, is now enriched with another new twenty-three elements that expand the range thanks to research on the image of architectural design, color and dimensions. Color, Drawings, and Dimensions - The 2019 update of the collection is designed through the presentation of new dimensions, designs and above all colors. The latter (the color), the common thread that characterizes many of the elements of the Salone 2019, becomes the way in which the mirror enhances the image. Drawings, which go beyond mere architecture to become contaminated with anthropomorphic figures. Dimensions, two large new rectangular formats to become protagonists of the decoration: 100X200 cm and 60x180 cm. In the Collage collection the mirror is both a work of art and an object with its intrinsic function. The object, mirror, overcomes its primary function and transforms itself once again into a poetic relationship which dialogues with the world of objects of antoniolupi.

The Collage collection is designed by Luca Galofaro, Architect and Professor, who has focused a part of his reflection on the existing relationships between representation, urban architecture and image. Galofaro contaminated the antoniolupi mirrors with his vision, transferring an image of architecture to the mirror. A bridge between the imagination that dominates art and life that is usually dominated by the function that the object has. Technique: The mirrors are made through a stratification of printed glass plates which overlap to create the three-dimensional image; on the last layer the mirror defines a relationship with the observer who enters the image. A real overlapping of fragments, where the image is born as a stratification of images and colors.