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The Spicchio mirror collection brings elegance and energy to the theatrical scene of the bathroom space. Magical play on the reflecting surface and ambiguity created by the perspective effect and on the relationship between geometry and dimensions. The dialogue with the elements and volumes that make up the bathroom environment Spicchio acts as a background for the daily rituals that are consumed in the room. A friendly element, which apart from its primary function for which it is installed, multiplies the perspectives, expands the space, enhances the design and the hierarchical relationships between the volumes.

A pure geometry, essential, rigorous and for this reason able to fit into different style contexts, a segment that can become a floor mirror when in its largest dimensions. Available in different sizes H 90 L 45, H 108 L 54, H120 L 60 and H 180 L 90cm, Spicchio becomes, in the hands of architects and customers, a design tool to define the composition. It can be installed individually or coupled in two or more elements, with or without lighting, to create scenarios and domestic architectures in which man and his gaze become protagonists together with the materials, colors and textures of the elements that define the space.