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Research, innovation and forefront are synonymous with antoniolupi philosophy, which in the last years has presented a wide range of unique products, peculiar and fascinating projects. Once again, the Tuscan company surprises with a new challenge on Carrara marble, an ancient and multifaceted material interpreted by GUM Design, a Tuscan designer that for first time collaborates with antoniolupi. Thanks to the project “GESSATI” the most ancient material meets modern technology and creativity winking also at the world of fashion. Gessati is a top mount sink collection which proposes a pattern recalling the pin striped suits. Excellence in the subject, advanced processing technologies, creativity and references to the world of fashion: these are the themes investigated by the Gessati project, the collection of top mount sinks that reproduce the motif of parallel lines that identify some items of clothing.

A collection that comes from the creativity and thinking of man and is achieved through the precision of the machine, a soft and sinuous volume with enveloping lines obtained by combining 1 or 2 cm of Carrara marble sheets glued together by means of a colored resin. Just the chromatic variation and the contrast that is created between natural material and glue gives a pattern with alternating stripes along the surface, while the perfect sanding of the volume gives an optical effect of great charm. Round, oval or square, Gessati brings energy and personality to the bathroom, thanks to the parallel lines that run on curved surfaces to define new perspectives and directions. The extraordinary personality of marble and its infinite chromatic variations make each sink unique and unrepeatable.


Round, diameter 45 , H 10 cm

Oval, L 60, P 45 and H 10 cm

Rectangular, L 60, P 45 and H 10 cm