Graffio and Gesto are a family of ceramilux's sinks, with a lots of models in different sizes, all well studied in relation to the modularity of the systems: well known shape, but revisited, revised and optimized. A new aesthetics, with thin borders, that define and contain all the strength of sinks, affecting the material and giving it new function, a perfect integration with Bespoke collection. Graffio, designed by Mario Ferrarini,  is a collection of five different washbasins, top or wall mount, made of Ceramilux.The extreme thinness of the perimetral borders encloses anyway all the functions of the washbasin: the basin itself, the back surface, where to install the faucet, and an additional surface as well.

This detail, which is made possible thanks to the technological evolution in the material's processing, not only characterize the aesthetics of the project but allows it to increase the capacity of the basin without changing the overall footprint. Gesto family, designed by Nevio Tellatin, the border here has been significantly reduced to give room to the basin and to allow an easy cleaning. A simple and everyday object, whose precise and rigorous sign reassures us. This way Gesto brings out a sense of normality, that becomes a value in our contemporary living.