My father, the true pioneer, when he founded the company in 1950, always said that we must work, make mistakes and learn. I’m like him, stubborn but understanding, concrete but a dreamer. When I started working, design didn’t exist within the company: only at the end of the 1990s did we start calling outside designers. In 2002 the turning point, with the first bathroom furniture collection entirely made of Corian, by Nevio Tellatin. The following year we started working with the young designer Carlo Colombo. I am pleased to say that these two collaborations are still in place they’ve 'baptized' designers and at the same time have made the company grow. I have always preferred the poetry of a project rather than the technology or amaze people at all costs with impossible products, yet many of our products represent pure innovation in the bathroom sector: from the sink without a drain and siphon to those totally integrated into the wall.

Andrea Lupi

The company's frontman, Andrea Lupi, holds the dual role of art director and managing director, deals with research and development of the product in its entirety, study and design of trade shows and image of the company. Born and raised in the family business covering all the roles to fully understand the problems and needs for running a business. The management of antoniolupi is headed by the four Lupi brothers: Andrea, Patrizia, Nello and Sergio each covering different roles and responsibilities.