Research, innovation and being avant-garde have always been synonymous with antoniolupi's work that has seen its production in the last few years enriched with unique artifacts and unusual designs loaded with charm. The new challenge sees a material as the fulcrum, white Carrara marble, interpreted according to the design philosophy of the company by a pool of designers who have been able to mold and reinvent it to create new objects from its innovative and contemporary soul. The oldest matter meets modern technology to perpetuate the ritual of water.

The Introverso sink, created by Paolo Ulian, was born by observing marble sculpture workmanship, in which the three-dimensional shape is outlined by a series of motions at different depths of a diamond disk operated by a numerically controlled machine. The same workmanship is used to make the sink from a single white Carrara marble block. Empty spaces between the cuts let you have a glimpse at another inner soul that can remain concealed or may emerge, breaking, partly or totally, the disks with a hammer. This results in a clear physical and visual reduction of the sink, where marble loses its typical solid aspect and becomes something ethereal, modern and functional.