IRIDE - design Marco Pisati

Pure emotion and absolute maximum functionality: Iride is a bright, magic lantern from which a regenerating jet integrated within catches your attention and becomes the fulcrum of any bathroom. The important cylindrical volume is dematerialized thanks to the opal diffuser made of plastic or glass, and a powerful LED spotlight also has RGB light for chromotherapy placed in a central position. Around it, a shower head ring surrounds the light source and defines a powerful and precise beam of light. 

The jet is so dematerialized in multiple colors, the rippling reflections of the water runs through the space and gives off a regenerating force. The diffusion of light is uniform  in all directions. The geometry of the diffuser describes a source of well-being. A true light, not only the effect, an instrument that illuminates the space and regenerates those who experience it.


IRIDE has two extremely important lighting elements completely absent in other chromotherapy headlights: a Rgb recessed spotlight with 3 led of 3  watts each, for a total of 9 watts, equipped with a 40° lens providing a maximum luminous flux of 600 lumens, and an acrylic cylindrical opal diffuser that amplifies and diffuses in an absolutely uniform way the light in the surrounding space.

Marco Pisati