What should a company that manufactures bathroom furniture do in the Salone del Mobile edition dedicated to Euroluce? How to generate attention around your segment of interest the year in which the focus of the Fair is another? That’s how the reflections of the antoniolupi entourage must have been born during the planning phase for the 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile. What antoniolupi has designed for the S.Project exhibition space in Rho is incredible. Let's start with the name, “Galleria antoniolupi”, which already projects expectations in an artistic scenario even before design.

The Calvi Brambilla studio has set up an immersive mood for each stretch of the route. From the greenery on the floor on which water jets from above imitating a rain forest, continuing the journey of colors and transparent materials in CRISTALMOOD (the material resulting from antoniolupi research in addition to FLUMOOD and QUARZOMOOD), to the touch of iconic fashion given by the Gessati collection, signed by Gumdesign, by Intreccio by Paolo Ulian and by the happening of water and marble where Introverso was the base also by Ulian.


The stages of the journey, at this point, were enriched by a corridor of Collage Mirrors designed by Luca Galofaro. A project born for an exhibition at the antoniolupi showroom in Stabbia, which then took on a 'commercial' life becoming part of the new collection of the Tuscan brand. Representation, urban architecture and image are all ingredients found in the antoniolupi mirrors. Antoniolupi has invaded the space of the Salone del Mobile with a unique initiative, an innate courage, a hunger for innovation that has never been tamed.

When you immerse yourself in their world you realize that you bathe each time in new waters, always ready to surprise you and bring you get closer to beauty. At the end of the path, like a circle that finds fulfillment and closes, the wall of bioethanol fireplaces "Il Canto del Fuoco" and the Strappo sinks both by Domenico De Palo, where white and blue are combined with the bright colors of the flames. The warm wood details of the Gravità coat rack designed by Davide Vercelli, the poetry of the Sottosopra low table by Calvi Brambilla, the Geometrie Volanti carpets by Paola Pastorini and many other suggestions that only the showroom (both in Milan and Stabbia) know how to recreate.