LEVEL by Paolo Ulian
The oldest of matter meets modern technology to perpetrate bathing. The drop that draws on the surface; concentric shapes "digging" the matter irregularly but perfect at the same time. The perfect cut, the mechanical milling, the ability to extract from matter its essence through the comparison of perfect surfaces and organic shapes: Level is a sink that enhances white Carrara marble and its extraordinary expressive power. Sinuous shapes that generate a depression when carving the depth of the basin. In section expressing a formal charge generated by the superimposition of perfect and precise layers, that grow upward.

A sequence of levels of the same thickness, a sort of inverted tower in which the base is the edge of the sink and the top, the support base on the floor. Level is an absolute blend between artifice and nature, between mechanical and creativity, between rigor and expressiveness. It is the uniqueness of the marble that meets perfection of the most advanced processes, a landscape that becomes the subject, a perfect balance between classic references and randomness of matter.