Cristalmood is a resin of our own creation that is manually poured into molds. Once extracted, the objects must be finished manually by sanding them to remove all imperfections both inside and out. As if it were made of stone, each product is unique, the slight differences in color, size, or small air bubbles that can form, give soul and authenticity to each object. The processing stages of CRISTALMOOD are quite complex, manual intervention and craftsmanship are essential, in fact the objects just extracted from silicone molds appear rough as it can be seen from the images.

Once the resin has solidified, we proceed to the sanding and polishing which are carried out manually in order to remove the imperfections and give brightness to the object. The final stage consists then in a protective fixative. Due to the type of processing and the craftsmanship of the production, each product made of Cristalmood is unique and unrepeatable, two sinks won’t never be identical, for slight differences in color, size, and thickness.

1) The material does not turn yellow, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2) Not subject to chromatic alterations, even after a prolonged exposure to natural and artificial light.

3) Is more resistant to scratches when compared to the hood of a car, according to regulation FIAT 5045/02.

4) 30% Lighter when compared to flumood.

Any small signs of wear and slight accidental scratches can be removed in the following ways
If the scratch is minor and has only affected the transparent protection, the passages to follow are the following:
1_ sand with fine paper: 1500 - 3000.
2_ polish with a polishing pad using abrasive paste.

A new material, result of the antoniolupi research, is added to Flumood and Quarzomood. Baptized Cristalmood due to its transparency and sheen, a new generation colored resin, resistant and versatile. Created to produce sinks combined with the most diverse materials, achieving refined color combinations, as in the case of Carlo Colombo’s freestanding sinks Albume. Cristalmood, given its extraordinary characteristics, has already been used on a larger scale to make Reflex, the new bathtub by AL Studio design.

Cristalmood is a colored resin, transparent with a glossy finish, composed of high quality polyester resin and coloring pigments; has passed the anti-corrosion tests (salt spray) and can be cleaned with all the most common detergents. Thanks to the composition, objects made from Cristalmood weigh about 30% less than those made with solid surfaces such as our own Flumood.

A new resin with extraordinary technical characteristics, designed to give lightness yet at the same time solidity to bathtubs and washbasins, a material that makes it possible to create soft and welcoming shapes and to restore the role of protagonist to water. The transparency of the surface makes it possible to observe the flow of the liquid, to read its movements, to follow its strength. After the launch at the last Salone del Mobile, antoniolupi has developed nine new trendy colors that are added to the Fumè proposal, thanks to which identity is awarded to the item, integrating it best in the context of bathroom style. 

Thus Nebbia, Ocra, Bottle, Petroleum, Ginger, Cobalt, Sangria, Amber and Lime shades were born, which give color, elegance and liveliness to the plastic volumes made in Cristalmood. The chromatic variations that follow the geometry and the curved lines of washbasins and tubs give plastic behavior to the elements in a constant dialogue with the light.

Al showroom 2019 10 10 reflex ginger 02


Al showroom 2019 10 08 pedana 2 vitreo 03


Opale composizione alto unico livello


Albume colour eci



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