Elegant, contemporary and vibrant with reflections. Able to enhance simple and linear or complex shapes as well as smooth or articulated surfaces, enveloping them and enhancing their three-dimensional shape. The new finish developed by antoniolupi for Flumood gives substance to the volumes giving them a feeling of precious solidity. The objects change their appearance because some details become highlighted, acquiring a new identity thanks to the alternation of colors which embellish their iconic image with a new and sparkling look.

A special coating with metal powder, a technologically advanced process that allows the deposition of real metal microparticles on the surface. A spray application that requires a specific know-how that is in the DNA of antoniolupi. A process that allows to make the finish homogeneous, covering every little detail. A technology that gives a resistant and refined armor to the elements made of Flumood.

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Patented by antoniolupi, Flumood® is a material composed, for the most part, from aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins with low styrene content. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics it's perfect to make washbasins and tops, but reveal his ductility even when employed for making other elements. The versatility of Flumood allows to create any form, to break new ground, to interpret different needs.

Easy to clean, easily restorable in case of scratches, burns or wear resulting from daily use, maintaining its performance over time by ensuring surface resistance and aesthetic expression. Flumood® is available in satin finish, perfectly smooth, or textured, marked by an embossed texture that seems of natural stone slabs.

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Flumood® - Materials

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Flumood® - Materials


The research into materials has always been one of the privileged subject for antoniolupi. Not only with regards to the most innovative but also due to the sophisticated use of traditional materials such as stone, marble and onyx, just to name a few. In terms of new surfaces attention to innovation it is demonstrated by the route taken by the company in recent years with the use, often revolutionary for many of the solid surface and synthetic materials available on the market.

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As always, antoniolupi has felt the need to explore new avenues, not stopping at what was already available. From company research Flumood was born, a new patented and owned material, eco-friendly, compact, non-porous and non-toxic, with an easily cleanable surface and recoverable in case of scratches or marks derived from daily use.


Harmonious synthesis

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Thiny edges

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Absolute totem

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Flumood® is perfect for the bathroom environment with a considerable resistance and strong aesthetic impact, extremely pleasant to the touch referred for the construction of basins and bathtubs but also for tops of any size and shape. Just the material aspect is one of its winning features. 

It can be proposed in both the Satin or Texture finish, characterized by a "raw" effect similar to that of a split stone. Not to mention the color, which is also the main theme of the research company. Flumood® is available in white as well as other colors proposed by the company.

Evolution in the sign of customization also for the Flumood integrated sinks, for which custom made tops have been developed and a little surface has been developed to cover the drainage to make the overall image clean and consistent with the antoniolupi style.

Excellence in materials, surface quality, refined finishes, careful choice of colors and shades. The personalization of the contemporary bathroom environment does not depend solely on the shape and the arrangement of the elements that compose it, but also on the aesthetic characteristics that determine its identity and style.