Patented by antoniolupi Quarzomood® is composed of synthetic resins with low styrene content in addition to quartz fillers. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics It's perfect to make washbasins and tops, but reveal their ductility even when employed for making other elements.

Easy to clean, easily restorable in case of scratches, burns or wear resulting from daily use, maintaining its performance over time by ensuring surface resistance and aesthetic expression.

New materials, contemporary and versatile design tools, further testimony to the inexhaustible desire of antoniolupi to research.

A research not only related to new forms and types of elements that make up the bathroom space, but often focused on the very essence of matter and the development of innovative surfaces, textures sought after, exclusive finishes.

After a long period of experimentation, in which the extraordinary resistant characteristics of the quartz-based material have been perfected, the selection of three new colors - serena, terra and seta - allows refined combinations with the new finishes but also with the lacquered versions.

Always attentive to the quality of the details as a fundamental part of the project and the choice of the right material to enhance the essence of the product, antoniolupi extends the range of finishes with which to have its collections of furniture and washbasins. Proposals in line with the main trends of interior design, new tools in the hands of the designer to better interpret the architectural characteristics of the environment and meet the expressive needs of those who live it.