Ergonomic and gentle shape, a thickness that doesn’t "burden" on a formal level, continuous surface defined by seamless soft lines: the new Flat Seat accompanies the collections of sanitary-ware by antoniolupi with elegance and sophistication without contaminating the aesthetically the element, rather emphasizing the main features of the volume especially for suspended sanitary ware.

A harmonious image obtained by a simple but dynamic sign that enhances the top part of the sanitary-ware as well as a design that allows concealing the opening and closing mechanism. Significantly reduced in thickness when compared to previous versions, the Flat seat has a sleek profile and contemporary image.

Sedile Flat


  • Description: Toilet seat cover made of thermosetting resin with “soft close” hinge



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    Sanitary Ware + Accessories


    Sanitary Ware + Accessories


    Sanitary Ware + Accessories