Technology meets nature, evolution keeps memory alive, the project allows you to tell a story. The form is generated by subtraction as in a sculpture, ancient and contemporary at the same time. Controverso springs from a thought, from action and transforms the product into an experience. A marble block is crossed by the milling machine and then interpreted by man to create different shapes. A proposal that comes from respect for nature shared by Paolo Ulian and antoniolupi, a path with marble in different collections that fit into a path traced by masters that have always interpreted this noble material.

Controverso is a marble monolith of geometrical shape, squared, which is processed to detonate all its inherent strength. A strong and delicate gesture at the same time, an interpretation of the creative act that meets production, a sink that fits into contemporary environments but also in different contexts.

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The memory


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The evolution


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The project


Controverso 2

Controverso lavorazione 1

Controverso lavorazione 2

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  • Description: Freestanding stone sink, complete with drain pipe fitting and open plug, trap and flexible hose.
  • Dimentions: 45x85x45 cm


  • Bianco Marmo di carraraBianco Marmo di carrara


  • Carrara Marble