From the natural uniqueness of marble to the versatility of an artificial material without distorting the essence of the project, without losing the elegance of the gesture and the proportional balance all together. A change of material that enhances the concept of the project by validating the initial choices. Plissè is the freestanding washbasin designed by Paolo Ulian and produced by antoniolupi originally in marble and now also available in the Flumood version. It is not just a new version but an approach that overturns creativity reaching the shape through an opposite process of manufacturing. If on the one hand the grooves of the marble are obtained through subtraction, in which the wall of the material is removed, now the same grooves that draw the edge and the body of the piece are generated by a special mold in which the material fills in all the spaces.

The result is a delicate and apparently casual pattern, an explicit reference to the textile world from which the project takes its origin, a surface that seems to move lightly thanks to the variation of light and shadow determined by the relief effect. A three-dimensional shape embellished in this version by the intentional irregularity of the grooves that refers to the idea of an artisinal production made of unique and unrepeatable pieces.

3plisse nero 35x100

Decorative texture

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Nuova al showroom 2019 06 14 termoarredo bicolor 01 gen no asciugamani

Spontaneous beauty of imperfection

Irregular pleats

Al showroom 2019 06 14 plisse%cc%81 fondo bianco 02 gen


  • Description: Freestanding flumood sink with floor drainage complete with open plug, siphon and flexible hose.



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