A new section of the website dedicated to the world of design and of antoniolupi’s ability to dialogue with all of those who contribute to the definition of beauty, not only for interior design, but for architecture in general. A portfolio that demonstrates the internationalization ability, the capability to export an idea before a product, the will to improve and experiment continues. A relationship with the architectural world that it is not solely the result of product quality, the versatility or the amplitude of the range, but it is powered by antoniolupi’s ability to interpret the needs of the designer and client

not limited to predefined solutions but to explore all aspects of the project. We consider the most evocative and formal aspects as considering light, other surfaces and colors in the space to the more functional as installations, connections and structural interventions during construction or renovation. A complete collaboration, a privileged and reliable partner, a partner prepared to define a style but also to turn a problem into an added value. In pursuit of excellence.

La Capanna
Nizza Paradise Residence
Villa Lugano
Attic Saint Moritz
Penthouse 45°
Barranquilla House
Hotel Bocage
House ML+M+R
Paris Dream
Domenico De Palo Projects
CityLife Milano
Foret Cusezar
Les Villas Du sporting
Abitazione RR
Wine house
La Lagunita
Borghese Apartment
Casa Q
Villa El Rompido
Rain or Shine
Studio SPARK
Faro di Brucoli