The synergy between the nature of a place and man’s hand is the quintessence of creativity

Mino Caggiula

Nice Paradise Residence is a perfect combination of art, luxury and architecture.The realization of a trilogy of public, semi-public and private spaces, the study of the land’s progress, the translation in architecture of natural language: these are the foundations of this extraordinary project Nizza Paradise.

They also proved to be the winner of the first prize in a competition of ideas for the redevelopment of the entire lot. The project, designed by Studio Mino Caggiula Architects in Lugano, Switzerland, and promoted by Norbert Candinas Nocasa AG, Chur, Switzerland, is currently in its finishing phase of molding constructive lines to the soft lines of the slope of Mount San Salvatore. To displace the look is a form pointing upwards and follows the contours of the ground, while to soften the effect is a well-balanced composition of horizontal levels that open up onto the beautiful surroundings. 

From here you then face deep terraces and are free to explore all that the cardinal points offer: the woods to the west, the Guidino Park to the east, the blue expanse of Lake Lugano which fills the horizon when looking south. Park, lake and city meet, therefore, through a pedestrian path on the ground floor where multiple paths are conveyed within the new building and the public, semi-public and private spaces meet in one big sphere. The impact of something new that wants to conclude the project: the result is a telescope that, nestled in the slope frames the landscape and welcomes a SPA for the well-being of the tenants, outlining the visual path thus created.

ARCHITECT: Mino Caggiula