It has certainly become an important hub for architects, interior designers and professionals. The display is renewed every year and it is coherent with antoniolupi brand image. During Salone del Mobile the showroom is completely restyled with new products and a new layout. An environment with fourteen windows that from via Porta Tenaglia extend up to look out onto the greenery of Parco Sempione, offering an complete overview of collections and new products. This location is designed to emphasize the 'will of convergence', to leave the visitors free to interact with the entire room. 

The exhibition function becomes blurred and is declined according to new criteria that are directed towards a scenographic-aggregative space in which the micro environments, break with the classical conception of the showroom and appear as suggestions and proposals for a totally new area directed to the exchange of ideas and knowledge. A showroom that wants to provide a new framework to discuss design and groped to define the future features.

Showroom Milano
Piazza Lega Lombarda
20121 Milano  - Italy

PH: 02 50041602 / 02 50041603

MOB: 347/7034173

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