Our father was passionate about his work and his company; he gave it his all, his energy, his hopes and his dreams. He used to always say that it was necessary to work, make mistakes and learn from them. We are like him, we’re different but equal, we are stubborn but understanding, concrete but dreamers yet above all we are first siblings and then entrepreneurs…

Andrea Lupi

Four different personalities, four distant characters, four ways of looking at life but all sharing the same enthusiasm: from the passion for beautiful things to the conviction that to obtain them you must commit yourself. From the assurance in only doing what you can do best to leaving the rest to others. Nello, Patrizia, Andrea and Sergio drive today an innovative and unique reality that is projected in the future within the national and international scene for its ability to anticipate trends, define long-term prospects, determine changes in the usual way of experiencing the bathroom and the house in general.

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They are the protagonists of their company because they live it 100% working closely with the most trusted collaborators. You can always find them either in the office or in the factory, present and alert, each one responsible for their own part of the business. They control it all and constantly confront each other with the urge to know, understand, and create something new.