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Moderno minimalismo

Slot - Sinks

A 360 ° breakthrough for the development of products, material processing, display of collections and a strong identity of company space. Innovation widespread amongst everyone and all operations performed in the company, because everyone should feel involved in the overall growth process and because each one is given the opportunity to improve.


We were the first to make a collection entirely of Corian®. Even though we loved ceramics because it is a material that comes from the earth, I was already aware of its many limitations. The materials had evolved, ceramics, due to its intrinsic characteristics, did not allow certain types of processing. We needed something else, I realized that our tailored approach could come about at best only thanks to a new material, malleable in any form.

Andrea Lupi

2002 was the year of change with the first collection of bathroom furniture made entirely of Corian®. It is the emblem of antoniolupi approach to research; a non-ending quest to itself yet functional, a constant questioning of the potential of materials and their real ability to better express the idea behind the project.

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From the collaboration with Nevio Tellatin Slot was born, an innovative sink for the material used but also for the contemporary design expressed thanks to the total disappearance of functional elements such as the drain and overflow; eliminated for a horizontal cut placed in the rear part of the basin.


The washbasin Slot is one of the emblems of the collection and has become one of the objects that best identify antoniolupi because it seemingly eliminates all the functional components but actually works very well!

Nevio Tellatin