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Letteralmente su misura

Tailor made production - Stories

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Cura al millimetro

Tailor made production - Stories

A tailored approach to the project and bathroom world, a "tailored suit", designed and sewn to the needs of the client, made with products able to communicate amongst themselves and integrate with the architectural space.


High level quality

The quality and attention to detail are the common threads of all phases of the production process of antoniolupi.

From raw material to finished product, the cycle is a sequence of machine or manual manufacturing from high technological content or great human touch. 

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La garanzia del marchio

Tailor made production - Stories


Everybody uses frequently the term tailor made, of which I’m almost tired of talking about. We began this way, and we’ve done everything to strengthen this identity by implementing a rigorous industrial approach made up of reliability, certainties and respect for work as well as time: a service that counts as the product does.

Andrea Lupi

antoniolupi produces only upon order and without stock. Each piece that leaves the factory responds to a specific request and is produced to satisfy a specific client. The great customization options linked to materials, finishes and colors, make it possible to develop fully personalized ideas of the bathroom for the customer, both dimensionally and formally.