The bathroom on stage!

The style and design are the same as always, space is considerably increased and has been enriched with colors, shapes and influences. 

Technology enhances the quality of materials, lighting tells the stories staged by new environments. The protagonist remains the bathroom, which opens onto the living room or bedroom and becomes an ideal stage.

Al showroom 2018 01 23 pedana 3 box 1 01 gen

Al showroom 2018 01 18 pedana 6 box 1 04

Water and technology are very important in the space as first noticed with the large pool that welcomes guests at the entrance. A unique show of alternating jets, lights and colors capture the attention and demonstrate the capacity to interpret well being, simple gestures and personalized solutions.  
A new space to tell the story, a new expression of a coherent philosophy, a manifestation of taste and style of the company.

Over 2.300 sqm of showroom in a theatrical layout amongst living solutions and lifestyles.  Environments describe the soul and essence of the company. Different situations follow one another in a spectacular path of substantial textures, simple lines and balanced proportions.

Al showroom 2018 01 11 pedana 6 box 4 01 gen

Al showroom 2018 01 10 pedana 5 box 11 01 gen

Sinks, bathtubs, showers, radiators and much more find a place in beautiful environments. The  white monolithic elements meet the colors of the walls and furnishings. The purity of glass plays with the changing reflections of metals. 


We wanted a place that would better represent who we are, a place to express our tailored made approach. We wanted a place to welcome guests in our house in a magical atmosphere. After only a year from the dramatic event we can say that we’ve come back strong and proud

Andrea Lupi

The perfection of artificial materials is enhanced in relationship to the uniqueness of natural materials such as marble or wood . Environments share the desire to create a warm, relaxing, creative, dynamic and concrete atmosphere.