We started right from the beginning… from the origin of everything, the striking “Manufactured Landscape” resulting from the constant reshaping of the Apuan Alps by the marble mining activities, an example of the genius and determination of mankind that since the Romans, through Renaissance, Neoclassicism and Modernism have turned parts of this landscape into some of the most important masterpieces of the Art, Architecture and Design. The #antoniolupi event started on the top of Monte Altissimo, in the Cervaiole quarry, guest of the renowned company Henraux, that has been pioneering the marble industry for almost two centuries. 

Starting from the beginning meant to understand all the powerful natural and artificial forces involved in the marble manufacturing process, a constant and delicate balance strongly based on the profound respect of the material, from the origin to the final product. The event continued in the wonderful and recently renovated Henraux premises in Querceta, and then moved to the antoniolupi HQs in Stabbia, where our clients were presented to the new collections of products and the new exhibition of architectural drawings of the #antoniolupi collection curated by Luca Galofaro.