Experimentation means starting to think again.

Paolo Ulian

"The collaboration with Antonio Lupi started in May 2016. The occasion was my personal show at the Villa Medicea of ​​Seravezza. Andrea Lupi, visiting the halls of the exhibition, noticed some of my marble objects that struck him in particular and which according to him could turn into very special washbasins. From that first encounter only a few weeks passed to see the first models, ready to be presented in September. Intuition, efficiency, tension with perfectionism and last but not least genuine and pleasant informality were the first qualities that struck me with Antonio Lupi. Quality that I still appreciate today and which make this collaboration very stimulating."


With antoniolupi I found the possibility of a meeting between the sign and the soul.

Domenico De Palo

Domenico de Palo was born in Italy in '76. After years of creative direction on various public and private installations, he began a research project on industrial design, realizing projects and prototypes in collaboration with national and international designers and companies, including Antidiva, Viabizzuno, antoniolupi, Move, Incontroardito, Officine delle idée brand Irsap, Design Size


In the project you are heading, but you also carry it.

Mario Ferrarini

Since 2007 he's working alongside international companies like Antonio Lupi


No one would ever think that with two cuts the wall could contain the fire, to bring it to the bathroom.

Andrea Lupi

antoniolupi CEO and Art Director