A shower of water and light, a clever mix of sensations and jets, a regenerating force that comes to life from a completely recessed source in the ceiling now available in the extra large version.   The family grows, dimensions are larger to give life to a continuous shower as if we were under a cloud. Meteo XXL is born from Meteo (the first introduced in 2011 completely integrated in the ceiling) as a natural evolution to meet the demands of total relaxation that involves all the senses. Meteo is a project characterized by extreme rigor associated with formal minimalism and high technological innovation together to convey unique and sensational emotions.  

The considerate dimensions allow Meteo XXL to accommodate over conventional modules: two waterfalls, 4 nebulizers and a perimeter barrier made of a double row of staggered nozzles. A configuration that increases the functionality of the system and facilitates installation in locations without traditional showers thanks to a delimitation barrier. The two waterfalls have an oblique jet that meets in the center and also in the center is a particular nozzle that generates a very hard jet.   The built in shower head is available in stainless steel with a mirror or white finish, rgb led integrated lighting (chromo-therapy function) including remote. The light adds volume to the space and conveys sensuality. Meteo is an empty space from which water and light come from that allow an extreme personalization of relax.

Meteo XXL


  • 描述: Encased showerhead in polished stainless steel AISI 304 with double waterfall, hard center jet and nebulizers, available in various finishes with possible led rgb lighting complete with waterproof remote control.
  • Dimensions: cm 100 x 75 x 11


  • Polished Stainless SteelPolished Stainless Steel
  • BiancoBianco


  • 不锈钢 AISI304

内部种类 花洒