A perfect, essential, precise cylinder, now also available in the reduced version with even more compact dimensions. A form that immediately refers to other functions, an image that is the perfect synthesis of technology and design: Miniazimut is the evolution of Azimut, the ceiling and wall showerhead that refers to the image of a luminous projector that emits, instead of light, the vital energy of water. In the wake of what is happening in the lighting world with the miniaturization of the sources and the consequent reduction in body size, Azimut also shrinks and becomes Miniazimut, available in Satin Stainless Steel or Graphite finishes and some parts in black Delrin.

A showerhead that has the heart of the project in its special joint, a technical detail that becomes aesthetic, a concept that puts evolved functionality in first place. In fact, the joint allows the showerhead to rotate and then orient the jet of water by more than 180 ° with respect to an axis. A feature that multiplies the possibilities of use ensuring greater flexibility of installation. Azimut can be applied to the wall or ceiling according to the needs and is able to direct the jet of water according to the physical characteristics of the user to ensure maximum relaxation. The joint has been made with a rack that generates a pleasant snap effect and at the same time allows to hold the showerhead in the desired position.



  • 描述: Wall or ceiling showerhead in stainless steel and black Delrin®, with jet regulation.
  • Dimensions: cm ø 3 x P8,4


  • Graphite finishGraphite finish
  • Satin Stainless SteelSatin Stainless Steel


  • 不锈钢 AISI304
  • 聚甲醛树脂®

内部种类 花洒





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