A play on the relationship between solid and null, highlighting the importance of the absence is expressed through a perimeter that makes volume, stemming from the strength of the shadow drawn on the wall that breaks through the surface becoming a useful and elegant container: Ombra is an accessory obtained from a collection of a painted aluminum profiles that allows you to create an empty space used for the positioning of all objects and accessories that can fit in the bathroom.

A small functional niche that can also be illuminated, a small domestic stage for everyday rituals. Lacquered metal rods and the trays in Flumood® are placed inside the space to customize your needs. The compartment can have the same color of the wall or otherwise to emphasize depth for a more dramatic effect. Ombra is especially configured as a valid aid to the designer in the architectural resolution of accessorizing. The system has in fact a tailor vocation: in addition to the standard measures it will be possible in custom lengths.

Al showroom 2017 07 04 ombra 04

Al showroom 2017 07 05 ombra 09 gen

Al showroom 2017 07 11 ombra 11 gen

Al showroom 2017 07 11 ombra 13 gen



  • 描述: Wall encased shelf with aluminium structure, with or without led lighting
  • Dimensions: cm H 33,7 x P 12,4 x L (from 36 to 216) - upon request it is possible to make the shelf in a customized length.


  • NeroNero
  • BiancoBianco


  • Aluminum

内部种类 配件





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