A harmonious item, a sign that expresses elegance without losing its function, a decisive and dynamic trait that develops continuously and seamlessly integrating perfectly within the space, overlapping essence of pure geometry. Organic and simplicity coexist in a technical element which becomes meaningful. Onda is a flush plate in stainless steel for water cisterns which expresses the formal clean lines of antoniolupi, attention to detail, the quality of materials, also reserved for accessories.

A simple design but at the same time innovative, a perfect proportional balance that immediately transmits the function for which it was conceived without reducing it to a mere technical element. A simple gesture, a single button that provides a pleasing touch that becomes ergonomic and easy to use. Onda is available in polished or in a satin finish.



  • 描述: Mechanical dual flush plate for toilet cisterns in satin or polished stainless steel complete with installation adapter kit.
  • Dimensions: cm 15,5 x 27 x 0,3


  • Graphite finishGraphite finish
  • Polished Stainless SteelPolished Stainless Steel


  • 不锈钢 AISI304

内部种类 座便器 + 配件

Intenso e cartaintenso

座便器 + 配件

Giro Schizzo

座便器 + 配件


座便器 + 配件


座便器 + 配件