Readymade, or rather a  radical change of the normal function to which we associate an image. A strong and recognizable sign, a beautiful form absolutely beyond subjective interpretations.
Between architecture and design, between classicism of ancient Greece and contemporary creativity, between myth and ritual. Atlante, which takes its name from the Greek god who was holding on his shoulders the vaults of heaven, is a complex project that investigates the meaning of things which explores the representation of the function, which overturns a commonplace to think, or rather to see. A marble column that becomes a sink, an element that should support and instead contains, a hierarchical architectural pillar becomes the star of the bathroom, a full volume that becomes empty, only to be filled.

Made entirely of white Carrara marble, Atlante is the collection of freestanding or top mounted sinks that plays with the image of the column and in particular the stem that loses or better shelve its structural function to enter in the home. The circular geometry of the border, the modular scanning of the volume determined by typical grooves of a classical column, perfect and proportional harmony; a leap for a project with a strong architectural imprint.