The professional connection between antoniolupi and Paolo Ulian has produced some of the best pieces of design in recent years, which will become for sure real industrial design icons. Sharing a marked sensibility, intuition and a visionary approach, they were able to create the perfect alchemy between client and designer that makes masterpieces such as the Introverso and the recent Controverso possible. With the Controverso collection Paolo Ulian shows us once again, with grace and elegance, his deep respect and relationship with the material Marble, his ability to question the materials on the best way to work them, use them, and challenge them, as his soul master Angelo Mangiarotti could have taught, and as his teacher in life Enzo Mari, certainly showed him.

In the Controverso project, as Ulian did in all his works for antoniolupi, is extremely refined the relationship that is created with the processing, the "process" becomes the project itself, mutable and refined, with particular attention to the object sculptural value, because every object around us in our daily lives has the "right" to beauty beside the required functionality.