Art shouldn’t be detached from life: beautiful things to look at and ugly things to use

Bruno Munari. artist, designer

Never before has the boundary between Art and Design become subtle, short lived, almost nonexistent. In fact, contamination is becoming more frequent and we can say that we are in a scenario of total evolution. Art inspires and excites, Design develops a concept and transforms it into a function: We might think that the two go in different directions or even could say are opposing. We must convince ourselves that this is not the case thanks to companies that have worked on this front long and hard, developing new visions of a world in which Art and Design pervade, enrich and feed each other.

Almost ten years ago, it was actually 2008, when antoniolupi came up with the motto “bathing with art”. The brand, after being raised under the protection of a rigid and clean design, looked at Art as a model with which to talk and confront itself with.
The phenomenon of patronage has marked our History and Art from the Renaissance to today, from the Medici to Peggy Guggenheim: today it is common again yet with a different formula, but no less stimulating and, thanks to this, Art is always a more frequent part of Corporate Marketing. antoniolupi, patron of the XXI century, embraces this philosophy completely, undertaking a path between Art and Design together with Benjamin Servino, a dreaming artist from Caserta. antoniolupi has recently sponsored the publication of the Vacua Forma book, Published by Verbus Editrice: the volume collects the works of architect Beniamino Servino in an editorial project that stands out for its particular artistic value. The work consists of 384 pages; presents itself as a collection of texts, drawings and photographs made by Servino himself in recent years.

The synergistic collaboration between antoniolupi and Servino led to the inauguration of a personal exhibition of the artist in the renovated space of Pietra e Fuoco at the company’s headquarters in Tuscany. 35 works of art of Beniamino Servino, achieved in the past 7 years, will be on display through the 30th of September 2017 in antoniolupi’s showroom which has been transformed for the occasion in a true art gallery. During the inauguration, held at the beginning of April, over 200 guests were invited amongst clients and architects which are influential in the world of design. antoniolupi is not new to collaborations with artists: the first being in 2007 with Anne and Patrick Poirier, well known international artists. Their works have been on display in the Centre Georges Pompidou of Paris, at Palais des Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles, at the MOMA, Museum Moderner Kunst of Vienna, etc. Vascabarca was the absolute first experience that antoniolupi had in the art world bonded with uniqueness and pure emotion. The two artist created for antoniolupi a unique piece: a sculpture of a boat that functions as a bathtub. Function does not prevail over emotion: the function is enhanced an absolute dense moment of emotion….bathing with art……. This work marks the beginning of a new path that binds more and more, for antoniolupi, the experience of design to that of art, creating a context of contamination that significantly marks the brand's growth.

antoniolupi today expresses the desire to experiment, to create objects that remain in time, which restore emotional thickness to the bathroom environment, a physical and symbolic place not merely of purely physical pleasure but also of ever more mental and spiritual pleasure.
The added value of this business choice is great: with this approach to the world of art, antoniolupi wishes to be recognized not only as a producer of quality projects of great beauty, but also as a promoter of cultural enrichment, being able to create artistic works by eternal beauty. The path, started some years ago, is increasingly finding its significance and has the potential for expressing future planning still rich in original initiatives and stimulants.