Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep. (Le Corbusier) The antoniolupi showroom in Porta Tenaglia enlarges: the extensive space reworked by Calvi Brambilla for an important presence in an increasingly international city as Milan. At the crossroads between two choices: Andrea Lupi considers himself when telling us about the project to expand and redefine his showroom in Porta Tenaglia. The first option: the most physiological and natural option was to rethink the space in Porta Tenaglia through the creative and planning resources within the company.The second option: have professionals take the project in hand. Andrea Lupi has chosen the second option, entrusting the task to Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla, design and interior professionals active on the design and fashion scene since 2006. A choice that Andrea Lupi defines as 'enlightened' in a twofold sense: how the studio has approached the request for collaboration as well as how the project has developed. At first, Calvi Brambilla responded simply: "You do not need us", but the will of antoniolupi was to go 'beyond' the habitual and to explore a different territory.

Focusing on the particular shape of the space, which is the basis of an elegant tower from the 50s-designed by the architects Baselli and Portaluppi, Calvi and Brambilla decided to work on the architectural box of the showroom. The space that develops in length evokes the sequence of so many bathrooms that, one after the other, offer themselves to the eye to be admired, even from outside of the fourteen full-height windows. The new ceiling, made up of deliberately irregular architectural vaults and 'hanging' from the dark background, gives depth to the entire showroom. The arches deliberately do not coincide with the spaces nor the windows. A gesture of freedom compared to certain spatial symmetries. An important new feature regarding the showroom area that with this expansion looks out at the Sempione Park.