Atelier Colore is a wide and articulated range of furniture with a clean and rigorous design that offers multiple possibilities of combinations thanks to the use of few elements. The door is composed of an aluminum profile with a wooden front that, depending on the position taken inside the profile, creates a groove or a handle giving a graphic sign to the composition. The essential lines of the collection are now exalted, as well as by the essences proposed, by a wide range of lacquers, in the matt, embossed or polished finishes, which further enhance the overall cleanliness.

Warm, neutral or cold tones, to which today new trendy colors are added, giving identity to the volumes and to the entire bathroom. Thanks to these new colors and the ability to customize the handle by placing it in different positions of the furniture, designers and customers have at their disposal an almost infinite combination of solutions. The groove can in fact be placed horizontally defining totally or partially the development of the piece of furniture, but also placed along the vertical sides or even "framing" the four sides. The different shades of color proposed allow precisely to dialogue with the handle to increase the visual depth of the groove or, on the contrary, to express an image of planarity, amplifying or reducing the idea of a frame.