Tuscany and marble quarries immediately evoke reflections on art and culture. Michelangelo - celebrated by Vasari as the greatest intellect of his time, a culmination of Renaissance civilization, an artist-genius capable of competing with antiquities and overcoming them - chose Carrara marble for many of his masterpieces. Even today artists from all over the world come to this territory to create their most important works in an international district of laboratories, endowed with typical Italian ingenuity capable of dominating the relationship between manual ability and advanced technologies.

Science, culture, technology, art, design, are terms of a story that represents us and in Carrara takes the form of marble objects. When these products are provided for everyday use, our gestures and our imagination comply with the legacy of the cultural heritage that is recognized throughout the world and is defined as Made in Italy.

ADI Toscana _ IMM
Marble Design Exhibition
White Carrara Downtown 1-9 giugno 2019

Exhibition Design
Perla Gianni Falvo

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