The collection develops horizontally or vertically and it includes wall cabinets with doors or open compartments, high cabinets, sink and vanity units. Bespoke is a family of products for bathroom area but also perfect for decorating other areas at home. The furnishing collection combines with sinks, bathtubs or with other elements of the same collection in a harmonious dialogue where the functional details become beautiful elements. Bespoke is in constant evolution; the collection is able to interpret the requirements of dwelling with elegance and style, it is able to contain and show at the same time, to hide or add value, to omit or tell together at the same time.

The design of the collection is characterized by ethereal and light glass doors framed by aluminum profiles, homogeneous surfaces either matt or reflecting that perfectly combine with natural shades, contemporary colors able to satisfy a sophisticated and minimalistic taste. Bespoke is the interpretation of beauty for antoniolupi. It is a versatile project offering an infinite amount of solutions and any single composing element contributes to define the character of each configuration. For a custom made bathroom with an international touch but also perfect for bed room and living room.