Clear, acid, mirrored, ribbed and lacquered: there are infinite variations of glass, there are many new finishes that confirm the tailoring vocation of antoniolupi and the ability to interpret matter innovatively.

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Transparent fumé glass - Bespoke

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Transparent bronze glass - Bespoke

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ribbed glass - Bespoke

Surfaces capable of transforming the image of volumes, dialogue differently with light, expressing personality, character, and style, some exalt the contents of the volumes, others partially conceal it and others hide it.

The colors offered are numerous and the solutions are multiplied by the combination of shades and special effects.

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fumé acid glass - Bespoke

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fumé acid glass - Bespoke

Because every composition is unique, each proposal is adapted to the customer’s desires, any home environment can become a full expression of “personal beauty”.