A perfect, essential, precise cylinder, now also available in the reduced version with even more compact dimensions. A form that immediately refers to other functions, an image that is the perfect synthesis of technology and design: Miniazimut is the evolution of Azimut, the ceiling and wall showerhead that refers to the image of a luminous projector that emits, instead of light, the vital energy of water.

In the wake of what is happening in the lighting world with the miniaturization of the sources and the consequent reduction in body size, Azimut also shrinks and becomes Miniazimut, available in Satin Stainless Steel or Graphite finishes and some parts in black Delrin.



Ironic and witty image taken from its big brother, the out rightness of the gesture, the ability to give joy and color to the shower space even with smaller dimensions. The external knob of Minimayday has in fact a diameter of two centimeters less than that of Mayday (6 cm against 8 cm) but retains intact the characteristics of the original design.

A single-lever wall-mounted mixer suitable for multiple usage, sink faucet, showerhead, hand shower, which arises from the overturning of the meaning to transform an emergency button into a command handle used every day, as the name underlines.

它是一种意义上的突破,在重新阐释后,人们日常所熟悉的事物,被赋予了另一种可能。 这是代表antoniolupi当下企业理念的一种方案,它解决了客户多种功能上的需求。antoniolupi素来擅于设计将艺术性与科学性相结合的产品且着力于优化体验者的生活质量。


A source that disappears in the ceiling. The Zenit10 project revolves around the theme of absence, the overhead shower hides to leave the role of absolute protagonist to water. The small dimensions determine a concentrated and intense jet, the absence of visible elements facilitates the insertion in any context or style. Perfect to fit in minimal and contemporary settings, Zenit10 manifests itself only when it is operating, generating a source of hidden well-being.

Without a visible frame, the overhead shower appears as a simple hole in the false ceiling and refers explicitly to the image of other elements, proposing a radical change in meaning and function. The origin of Zenit10 is in fact that of a recessed lighting fixture designed specifically for the bathroom, with the possibility of being placed inside the shower space thanks to the specific technical characteristics. Starting from the same recessed structure it was enough to replace the spotlight with the shower head to give life to a tool of well-being in very little space.



A distinctive item, an element with absolute formal elegance and expressive rigor, a small wall plaque in a satin finish. With a simple gesture, a rotation, the true capabilities are revealed. Tenso redefines the archetype of one of the accessories that is always more increasingly populating the bathroom, a hydrobrush, made with technical and formal excellence by antoniolupi. Tenso is made entirely of stainless steel and follows the trend of a clean and simple room, free of unnecessary encumbrances, disappearing completely into the wall. 

Its operation is simple: by rotating the plate 90 °, simultaneously opens the water as well as the window that hides it with its flexible hose. Once extracted just turn the head to open the jet. Rotating the plate again it closes with a single gesture, water and window and disappears "magically" in the wall leaving free space.

Dual function in a single room that brings together dimensions and encasing to give a clean image and smooth wall. Cartatenso® embodies a toilet roll holder and built in hydrobrush in brushed stainless steel AISI 304 with dual system of opening and closing and high pressure flexible hose of 85 cm.

The plate that houses the two functions proposes an essential and rigorous aesthetic, with a satin surface that interacts well with the other materials that make up the bathroom. An element which demonstrates once again the attention of antoniolupi to detail, the functional elements, including the accessories that appear to be minor but actually make a difference, by defining a style which is actually a lifestyle.

A technical element that assumes value in the overall aesthetics when defining space, a complement which proposes a compact and rigorous form in which the geometries of the elements that compose it are integrated with balance and discreet elegance. Giro_Schizzo is a wall mounted hydrobrush in brushed steel AISI 316 / L, complete with support and water outlet high pressure flexible hose 100 cm. 

Giro_Schizzo is not hidden in the wall but reveals its presence because even functional elements may take on a formal connotation. The functionality, however, remains the primary objective. With a powerful and concentrated jet optimal cleaning results are obtained.

A new function to enrich a versatile object. The Intenso® hygienic shower comes from the range of hydro brushes proposed by antoniolupi. By rotating the atomized head, a nebulized jet is activated at room temperature with the use of cold water only. An important upgrade, an integration that amplifies the possibilities of cleanliness and hygiene without modifying in any way the essential shapes and characteristics of this object of great technical and formal excellence, a concentration of technology and design enclosed in a minimal footprint. When not used, Intenso®, is a small wall plate in stainless steel, but a small gesture of rotation reveals its true functionality. Its operation is very simple:

by turning the plate 90 °, water and the window that hides it with its flexible hose opens. Once the shower head has been extracted, simply turn the head to operate the jet, just as it is very easy to stop the water and place the object back in the wall. Turning the plate in fact, closes water and window with a single gesture and the shower disappears "magically" in the wall. Intenso® hygienic shower, is also available in the version with a paper roll holder named Cartaintenso®, it is also available in the external wall version with the name of Girointenso.

Essential, rigorous, clean in its absolute minimalism to integrate perfectly from the stylistic point of view with the other accessories that make up the contemporary bathroom of antoniolupi. A discreet but elegant presence at the same time, a functional object that becomes an element of the composition. 

Matter and geometry are the protagonists of the new Rapido brush designed by GI-RA Design.